Monday, March 23, 2009


I got two awards (despite my lack of postings recently)!! Talk about excited! I am on Spring Break this week, and I have lots to blog about!

But first, here are the awards I got:

This is from my reader at Cheap By Choice. Stop by and check out her blog!
I have to tell 7 things I like and pass the award to 7 blogs.
Seven things I like:
1. Spending time with my family
2. Cooking/Baking
3. Saving money
4. Scrapbooking
5. Dancing and exercising
6. Being outdoors
7. New clothes :)

Seven blogs:
1. Sugar and Spice: Celeste is always posting delicious recipes to try!
2. Cents To Get Debt-Free: Phoebe has some awesome advice for helping you set and reach financial goals!
3. Fabulously Frugalicious: Trina posts on a variety of topics, from saving to crafts, she always has something fun for her readers!
4. FiddleDeeDee: Sarah is always on top of the deals at Publix. If I haven't had time to scope out the ad, I always check out her site!
5. Organizing Junkie: Laura will help you find ways to get and keep your life organized. She also hosts Menu Plan Monday each week!
6. Jane4girls $800 Annual Budget: I am always intrigued by the different solutions and suggestions I find on here to save money!
7. The Saving Momma: I love to see all the deals that she posts each week! She has lots of pictures to give her readers a view of what she gets with her money!

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