Thursday, January 1, 2009

CVS January 1st Trip

I wanted to go ahead and get the January ECB deals, just in case they sold out. The monthly items you get free after ECBs are:
--Kids' Throat Cooler Pops 6-count, $4.99, earns $4.99 (limit 5)
--Nasogel Drip Free Gel, $7.99, earns $7.99 (limit 2)
--Nutra-Trim Chewing Gum 48-count, $3.99, earns $3.99 (limit 2)

So, today I got:
  • Nasogel Drip Free Gel, $7.99
  • Kids' Throat Cooler Pops x 2, $9.98
  • Nutra-Trim Chewing Gum, Reg. $4.99, sale for $3.99

I used a coupon that printed on my receipt a few weeks ago for $2.50 off any pain reliever purchase of $10 or more. I asked my cashier if it would work, since it was expiring today. She scanned it and it worked!

Subtotal: 21.96 + tax = $23.27

-$2.50 CVS pain reliever coupon

-$16.97 ECB

-$2.14 CVS gift card that I found from 2004!!! I found this the other day when I was cleaning out my desk!

TOTAL OOP: $0.50! And I earned $23.46 ECB (including my quarterly rewards!)


Alana Jones said...

oh i love this ....i think it's a great list and hey most of the time we dont do thigs because we dont schedule you go girl!! hey guess what...i have a new goal...i will be having another baby in what looks like aug or one goal i am FOR sure gonna work on RIGHT NOW, since the holidays are over, getting Eva to sleep through the night.....and to take one breastfeeding away....well...maybe in another month i'll do that...but that shouldn't be TOOOO hard once she's sleeping all night. WHEW! Well I hope you accomplish your goals, and hey atleast you have a list to go by at the end of the year to see how much you did do....hope you guys had a GREAT christmas and new years!!!

gisims said...


I was so excited to meet you the other night. I took your advice and went ahead and paid up front for some great deals at CVS - I earned around $8.00 ECB. I really appreciate all that you do in helping other people save money. You are such a blessing to me. I am very interested in the coupon meeting on the 31st. Please email me or go on my FB and give me the details.

Thanks again,