Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lunch trip to the Hob Lob

I'm trying to get Jaxson's Halloween costume together, so I needed to go to Hobby Lobby on lunch. Since I drove today, I invited some friends from work to come along for the fun-filled adventure. Hobby Lobby is definitely in my top 3 favorite stores of all time.

I walked in and was immediately distracted by a huge section of clearance scrapbook paper. There were so many beautiful pages to choose from and priced at only $0.10 each! I found 17 sheets that I couldn't live without. Hopefully, they will be put to great use at next month's scrapbook party.

Then, back to the pillow/foam/sewing section. I found foam squares for Jaxson's Spongebob costume and got two extra for Ivy's Patrick costume. I'm so excited to make these costumes. Hopefully, they will be as cute as I'm imagining. The squares were only $2.99.

Then it was back to the pattern section. Jaxson is 18 months, but he wears 3-6 months shorts. Since it has been cooler, we've had so much trouble finding pants for him. He needs the 3-6 months for his waist size, but 18 months for the length. So, it looks like I will be sewing a lot this winter! I picked up a pattern from Hobby Lobby and some cute material. Did I mention the prices at Hobby Lobby are amazing? The pattern was only $1.99 (this same one at Walmart was $10.87) and the fabric was only $1.57! Hopefully, I'll have some time to devote to sewing in the next few weeks!

I can't wait to post pictures of Jaxson's costume and my new creations!

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Trina said...

I am making our costumes this year, the whole fam, plus a couple we know, since we are dressing up as a group. Can't wait to show it off on the blog!

Please post pics of the Spongebob outfit you make!